My entry for "99Frames" - The Social Animation Project:

UPDATE: This entry took the second place. So stoked.
More info here: and FullMovie here:

For this piece I used Cinema4d R13's following new features:
New Physical Renderer (DoF, Chromatic Aberration, Vignetting, F-Stop) and the New X-Ref System. All visible elements are each their own "child" X-Ref object. This way you have lots of control over individual elements and their movements. In a fairly complex built project like this one, this feature is very handy.

To work on this project was awesome. Although I didn't have a lot of spare time, i managed to get my head around all this sick little animation tricks I have always wanted to explore and figure out (without AfterEffects). Thanks to the great C4D and Vimeo community for always inspiring. Would love to upload a HiRes version of this. :)

Software: Cinema4D R13 (Animation), AfterEffects (Color Correction/Grade)
Music: My own quick set of FX + "Fahtima - Flying Red Carpet"
(There was no audio required for the comp, but couldn't help it ... )

Enjoy!!! … o.O ...

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