Wednesday, December 21st at 7:30 p.m.
It's our holiday gift to you!!!

"An engaging, comic road movie with its own distinctive visual style and great running gags." - THE TIME OUT FILM GUIDE

"If David Lynch had directed The Blues Brothers while having one of his notorious sugar rushes, this might have been the result ... highly weird, very funny and likeably unique." - TRASH CITY REVIEWS

In honor of the highly acclaimed new film LE HAVRE (opening at The Loft on Friday, December 23rd), we proudly present a free screening of director Aki Kaurismäki's breakthrough film, the hilarious 1989 road comedy LENINGRAD COWBOYS GO AMERICA! Unavailable for years, this charmingly offbeat cult classic about a questionably-talented Siberian polka rock band seeking fame, fortune and (maybe) happiness in America is finally back on the big screen! Get your pompadours ready ...

In the late eighties, Aki Kaurismäki, the master of deadpan comedy, fashioned a waggish fish-out-of-water tale about a U.S. tour by “the worst rock-and-roll band in the world.” LENINGRAD COWBOYS GO AMERICA's posse of fur-coated, outrageously pompadoured hipsters struck such a chord with international audiences that the fictional band from the movie became a genuine musical attraction, touring the world and attracting a rabid, real-life cult following. Buoyed by the success of the film and the band, Kaurismäki later created a sequel, LENINGRAD COWBOYS MEET MOSES, and filmed a gigantic stadium show the band put on in Helsinki for the rollicking documentary TOTAL BALALAIKA SHOW.
In LENINGRAD COWBOYS GO AMERICA, the film that started it all, our beloved, but endlessly struggling, Siberian rock band leaves the lonely tundra to tour the United States because, as they are told, “they put up with anything there.” Strange comedic hi-jinks ensue, as the men bravely (and often cluelessly) make their way across the New World, carrying a coffin full of beer (not to mention their frozen bass player), munching on raw potatoes, attending jazz funerals and sporting towering hairdos resembling Elvis Presley-inspired unicorn horns. Winningly aloof yet oddly endearing (and featuring an unexpected appearance by American director Jim Jarmusch), LENINGRAD COWBOYS GO AMERICA is a strange, hilarious and utterly unique comedy from one of the world's most distinctive filmmakers.

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