So, let’s say you’re fourteen years old and you live in New York City.

You don’t have a checking account, much less a personal Black American Express Card. No fake ID, either – not that you’d pass for 21 in a million years even if you did. The only couture in your closet is a Halloween costume your mom made out of an old laundry bag when you were eleven. You’ve never been to a club, or had a drink served in a martini glass or, frankly, done anything really NYC-ish at all.

In other words? You’re me: Kelsey Finkelstein.

But don’t despair, people—I’m starting high school in less than a week! This is going to be the year that I live up to all of my untapped potential—finally.

Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters will be published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons in March 2012.

Directed by Anne Walls
Produced by Meredith Zeitlin
Director of Photography: Sean McElwee
Edited by Micah Wolf
Special Thanks to Katherine Allen, Aaron Rand, Greg Lang, and especially Joshua Spencer

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