In a city park, Lauren participates in a scavenger hunt where passengers must pair up with a pedicab driver to find items on a list, but an inconsiderate, over-weight passenger makes it a challenge for her.

My first short as a professional animator since my college Senior thesis five years ago and the first that is self-funded. This is an attempt to display the type of animation I always wanted to do and the inspirations that I am affected by every day. It is the first short where I wanted to gather a more solid crew, basically all of it brought in online.

This tied with winning the Excellence in Design Award in the Independent Category in the 2012 ASIFA East Awards.

Writer, Director, And Producer: Andrew Kaiko

Jyl Woolfolk as Lauren, Mother, Fancy Lady, misc.
Si Hawk as Nerd, squirrel, misc.
Albert Hensley as the Announcer, Old Man, Tough Man, misc.
Andrew Kaiko as Baby, "It's Him" Guy, misc.
Erik Kaiko as misc.
Megan Hincks as misc.

Animation Assistants: Vanessa Appleby, Carly Crawford, Scott Strong

Background Assistant: Tris Waples

Sound Designer and Music Composer: Ivica Simatovic

(C) 2010-2011 Andrew Kaiko

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