Rest in Powder is an independent snow film about a group of friends from the Kootenays. In the film we are skiing and snowboarding in our favorite zones, in the mountains, in powder. The film is a visual narrative of our snow experiences. It draws influence from our favorite aspects of rockstar and soulful sports films while emphasizing atmospheric and aesthetic detail.

The film is entirely independent in that it is intentionally advertiser and distributor free. It is not powered by energy drinks or corporations, and it is not trying to sell you anything, but if you like what you see, you can show your support by sharing the website with your friends, attending (or hosting) a premiere, ordering a DVD (in minimalistic recycled packaging, quantities limited), or donating towards a DRM-free download (using open-source software, not itunes).

Release Date: December 2011

World Premiere: December 15th, 2011, Capitol Theater, Nelson, B.C.

DVD(s): limited quantities, minimalistic recycled packaging, available for pre-order, shipping January 2012

DRM-free download: by donation, open source software, exclusively from our website, late winter 2012

For more information, to host a premiere, or to stock Rest in Powder in your local independent shop:



note: the trailer says the website is .ca but presently only the .com is functional

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