Director: Matthijs Joor
Production Company: PostPanic
Agency: Muse

PostPanic have been busy with 3d projections with Amsterdam agency Muse over the past year or so, but this is the first time we have been able to create something for the Netherlands itself. Themepark Efteling - a Dutch institution in its own right - commissioned Muse and PostPanic to create a series of both 3d projections and video projections to use in their special Winter season. Director Matthijs Joor went to town on the Villa Volta experience (a spooky, rototing room attraction) setting the mood via a 4 minute opening sequence for visitors waiting to enter. Another attraction, The Flying Dutchman, also received the 3d projection treatment and finally a series of ghostly spectres were filmed and played around with in post by us for the Ghost tunnel. Go check it out before the season finished beginning of February.

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