realtime pathfinding using A* search algorithm.
wrote class for openFrameworks. ofxAStar.

the A* map is generated on run based on canvas width and density parameter passed into constructor.
here - gridHorizCount: 70, gridVertCount: 40 for 720p canvas.

class constructor also takes argument for path to be calculated either in 4 or 8 "cardinal" directions.

right now i'm satisfied how it performs on my 5-year old macbook. the example shown is bloated w/ functions that won't be used in the final project. intension is to use only path between last two circles that enter the scene.

the path (line) drawn is point by point. when finaly i'll reach aestethics - increasing map density for path smoothing is a big performance hit, therefore will also trick it in the view layer, presumably using every n-th point of the path as well as point cloud + blur.

boc - aquarius

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