Shot on location QLD, AUS.

VISUAL : With this music video, HNIMP wanted to replicate something similar to what we have seen within those vintage looking fashion commercials on television. Not to use the word 'indie', but something along those lines. The juxtaposition of vibrancy and a vintage home camera feel. Capturing memories and a sense of of a place in time.

TRIVIA : Shot all day in 40+ degree heat, resulting in the Canon 7D overheating more than once.

Label : Monolith
Nuclear Summer's Self Titled Debut is available for free (or donation) download @

Music Video Edited & Directed by D.O. Blackley for Her Name Is Murder Productions
Cinematography by D.O. Blackley & Mark Fahey.

A huge THANK YOU to every single person involved on the day (on camera and off). This music video would not have been possible without you all.

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