Series title A DOLLAR A DAY - a poignant six-part international series of 50 minutes programs that contributes to raising awareness of the urgent and complex situation in which poor people struggle for better lives.

Bombay Jungle, filmed in the slums of Mumbai, looks at access to Basic Needs from a human rights perspective.

Kurshida Banu and her niece Saira are working to establish their identity so that they can be included in a relocation initiative to move out of the slums into new housing.

One has papers, but the other cannot prove that she officially exists, which makes a huge difference in their efforts. Bombay is a spot for work, chances and dream. But nothing is for free in this metropolis!

Director and script: Frank Vellenga
Editors: Babette Niemel, Alexandra Jansse
Camera: Martijn van Beene, Paul Cohen
Sound: Joris van Ballegoijen, Flip van den Dungen
Editor: Jaap Praamstra, Govert Janse
Music composer: Orlando Gough
Producers: Alexandra Jansse & Joost van Loon EMF Films 2005

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