Scenes from the first occupation, in chronological order.

Creative Commons Attribution licensed music is:
"La Pierre De Neyboes" by Grégoire Lourme.
"Tortion song" by muyolab
"Mother Nature Strikes Off" by Sébastien GRAMOND
"Go And Sleep" by Sacha Rives
"Negative 2" by Mobyl
"intro" by Jampy
"I put my hand on your shoulders because you’re so far away from me my friend" by Le Collectif Slappytoyable
"Percus Ethnics 2" by Philippe Mangold
"L-Micro" by Olga Scotland
"Adieu Pantin - Soyons Optimistes" by Grégoire Lourme
"Swansong" by Josh Woodward
"Once Tomorrow" by Josh Woodward
"Stars Collide" by Josh Woodward
"Private Hurricane" by Josh Woodward
"Intermezzo (Lupin Theme)" by Dwight Jack
"Lift Off" by CalgarC
"One Year" by CalgarC
"Maybe Tomorrow" by Eivissa Salinas
"Les Méchants Arrivent" by Grégoire Lourme
"Spheric part 4" by radmusic
"Croque Qui" by Romain

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