The morning show at Fox8 WJW TV Cleveland, Ohio challenged our school, Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School, to create a stick bomb worthy of their show. After accepting the challenge, the first order of business was to figure out how to build a stick bomb. The second challenge was to come up with a name more "school appropriate". We decided to call it a "bending flexure device."

This spiral is made up of 6,322 sticks woven together to create a spring tension on each stick. The sticks ‘want’ to return to their original flat shape. When one stick is removed it allows the stick that it is holding in position to spring back to its original shape, which allows the next stick to do the same creating a (usually) self-sustaining linear chain reaction.

We learned how to make the cobra weave by watching a tutorial posted by Coolvids317.

This is a nice example of how potential energy can be converted into kinetic motion.

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