"Medusas of Mercury" video was part of the Studies in Fluid Mechanics project organized by the Barker Engineering Library in the summer of 2007. Working off the idea that countless people can use an image in countless ways, the artists who participated in this project could use Super-8 film captured during experiments in fluid mechanics that took place at MIT in the 1960s.

"Medusas of Mercury" explores the volatile relation between science and mythology. The motion patterns of three fluid mechanics experiments were visually associated with the motion of two species of jellies (medusas in Spanish) and the Spree River waves. Visual rhythms were blended and juxtaposed following the path of an imaginary experiment in which many Medusas were born from Mercury.

Rare footage included in the film:

Film Loop #FM-78
Motions caused by electrical and chemical effects on liquid surfaces

Film Loop #FM-127
Cavitation Bubble Dynamics

FIlm Loop #FM-114
Sedimentation at Low Reynolds Number

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