Two of the most disruptive devices to emerge in the recent times are tablets and e-readers. They offer a powerful delivery platform for a new generation of books, magazines, and newspapers. This has created a substantial opportunities for those in the digital content ecosystem. The way we engage with print and publishing is in for some rude shocks and for some exciting new opportunities. Adobe, being a provider for digital content creation and delivery, is very much part of this emerging trend in digital publishing.

Gesture and touch driven control, motion-recognition, animation, 3D and user defined customization are providing exciting new opportunities to engage with content like never before. What does this mean for one very specialized and evolved form of communication: comic books?

Re-mediating Quick-Time-Events from video games by removing the Time variable to fit the context of short newspaper comic strips was the goal of this particular project. By adding an interactive interface and ambient sounds, this project tries to re-imagine newspaper comic strips of the last century onto tablet computers.

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