The Russell Home for Atypical Children is "Home" for a number of children whose handicap prevents their independent functioning in the community, and otherwise enjoying a normal life. The Russell Home provides around the clock specialized care, with love and a home-like atmosphere so vital to their special needs. The Russell Home also provides day care on a regular or part-time basis, as well as temporary respite care during vacation or emergency situations of parents whose handicapped child lives at home.

Each child is encouraged to develop to his or her own full potential, at their own pace. An important part of the program is the daily personal routine with the emphasis on self-help in dressing and undressing, toileting, eating, and play habits. Those not bedfast are daily bussed - some in wheelchairs - to and from public or private schools where they attend special classes designed to further the child's overall development. The Russell Home and the schools work closely with each other in this effort, to maintain continuity of training habits and methods. Every effort, every accomplishment of each child is recognized, and the children exhibit a sense of pride as a result. This is encouraged!

Having accepted many of these children into her home in their infancy, Mrs. Russell was the only mother they recognized and The Russell Home the only home they have ever known. Some of the children's parents are deceased, some have been deserted by their parents - whereabouts, unknown. These children especially, need the daily care and love that Mrs. Russell so freely gave them. "Loving them and making them feel wanted," she use to say, "is the most important commodity in meeting their needs". Her attitude is shared by the rest of the staff that have so faithfully carried on her dream. The success of this phase of service is evident in the response of the children.

Filmed By:
Rachel Shuck
Mitchell Reynolds

Edited By:
Mitchell Reynolds

Editing Software:
Corel VideoStudio Pro X4

Canon HF-R200

Filming time:
3 Hours 30 Minutes

Edit Time:
10 Hours

Rendering Time:
30 Minutes

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