This video demonstrates how different microphones capture the same acoustic environment. It is not a scientific test to see which microphones are better. It is a quick demonstration to give a basic idea of how different microphone setups sound. This room is rather resonant so it is not ideal. Listening with headphones is strongly recommended.

The 3 arrangements used were:
- 1 Rode NTG-2 directional shotgun microphone
- 2 DPA 4060 omnidirectional microphones in binaural array
- 2 Audio-Technica AT4021 cardioids in ORTF array

The binaural setup was in the middle of the room. The shotgun mic can be seen off to the right and the ORTF array is behind the camera.

The sounds are from an improvisation by the wonderful participants of a sound workshop held at Nida Art Colony, Dec 2-4, 2011. Many thanks for their attention and effort.

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