Short film presentation of the film project on Alexandre Deschaumes landscape photographer.
Expected release date of the 52 minutes documentary film : end of the year 2012.

Full movie in streaming and HD digital download (English sub) :

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Entirely shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II during Autumn 2011.

A film by Mathieu Le Lay
Images | Alexandre Deschaumes, Mathieu Le Lay

Music |
raison d'être by Peter Andersson
"The Verge of Somnolence" - The Absolute Supper
"Towards Desolation" - Requiem for Abandoned Souls

Sephiroth - Cold Meat Industry
"A Map of Eden Before the Storms" - Draconian Poetry
"The Clock of Distant Dreams" - Draconian Poetry

Alexandre Deschaumes - Guitar part
"Cristallisation de mélancolie abstraite"

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© Mathieu Le Lay - "Alexandre Deschaumes - La Quête d'Inspiration" - Demo 2011

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