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Rokas Petskevicius

In this day and age, the Internet is being used more than ever. The Viral Internet industry is considered the gold rush of the twenty-first century. This brainchild has made it possible for any person to upload videos accessible by anyone and everyone. Some videos receive over 500,000,000 hits and the power of expression is stronger than ever.

As people have an increasing need and ability to express themselves via web, they are recording videos and sounds every chance they get. Imagine looking out of a window and see an alligator sneaking up on a deer, and of course, you want to catch it on video. You pull out your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or maybe even iflip, and you press record.

The viral social networks are so powerful that people can share a video or a sound with the whole world as fast as a blink of an eye. The first news of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan was announced by an ordinary civilian; within seconds people on the other side of the world saw the news. Nowadays, when we want to share something with the rest of the world, we upload a video to either YouTube or Twitter.

The video quality was tolerable, but the sound quality was completely garbled and distorted because of all of the loud background noise. The video has been watched by millions of people, but not a single viewer has been able to fully experience this technology at its' best. We have the power to positively change this experience.

Let's take a look at another familiar scenario; live conference calls. Imagine you are sitting in a metropolitan area, outside the window there is a road under construction, a helicopter is hovering above, an ambulance is trying to drive through the construction with their sirens shrieking; meanwhile you are on the most important video conference call of your career to date. It seems like all the odds are against you and your potential success, all due to the uncontrollable everyday racket.

Not unlike most of our desires in life, we all typically search for the best quality product whether it is entertainment, news, products to simplify a routine task, or even the most basic needs like hearing sounds clearly and effortlessly. In today's society, the most common issue with sound is a result of technological imperfections.

We are here to perfect those flaws for you. Through our latest technological advancements we have discovered how to most efficiently improve the sound of clips despite background noises that we all have dealt with before. Now no matter the situation: windy and loud environments, unexpected incidents captured with the most basic cellular phones, memorable occasions such as Prince William's wedding, and even live conference calls. We have developed specialized detection algorithms that will identify the type of situation (is it a conference, concert, party, nature, sports interviews, competitions), the background noise and then improve the sound quality up to 80% in just a few seconds.

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