Our promotional video for Issue 2 of Kinfolk Magazine (kinfolkmag.com), a quarterly publication based in Portland, OR. We are a growing community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to cook, make, and do.

“This magazine is about more than cooking and eating. We are interested in why we cook and eat together, and in the people, relationships and social elements that keep us inviting company into our homes. We’re simplifying what seems to be an increasingly complicated and intimidating concept: entertaining. Even the word sounds stiff and formal, when it reality it’s quite simple, and we do it all the time. We don’t need a week’s notice, seating charts, name cards—we don’t even need a meal… This is a place to share ideas and inspiration for those simple get-togethers and moments. That is what we’re about.” —Editor Nathan Williams

Unfortunately, Issue 2 is currently out of stock. Other issues and subscription options are available here: shop.kinfolkmag.com

The film is produced by Andrew and Carissa Gallo of Sea Chant (seachant.co), a stoytelling outfit based in Portland, OR.

The original music is copyright-protected by Balmorhea (balmorheamusic.com), a minimalist instrumental ensemble based in Austin, TX, and remixed by Rafael Anton Irisarri (http://irisarri.org), a composer based in Seattle, WA. The song is titled "Harm and Boon (Rafael Anton Irisarri remix)".

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