Zyfo contacted me some weeks ago and informed me about this race tournament taking place. The concept was pretty smart. 3 new race maps would be released by Kriuq, BardoK and Jezus on three different days. The players had 24 hours from the map's release time to submit their fastest demos. In the end there would be an Overall winner from all 3 maps. This time it was K0Li0 ;)

Some extra awards where nominated for the smoothest run, a "cool" fakie run and a community dance on wrc3.

Zyfo needed a Raceathon movie and I thought it would be a good opportunity to make my first race movie! The fact that warsow does not have it's scripted camera transitions fixed in the current version did not help at all. (Hoping for a 0.3 fix on that!:D) Some recams where made manually but still the movie is primarily in a First Person POV ;<

Raceathon.e01 was done over a 2 weeks period.

Thanx for watching ;D

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