Project by Evan Morgan, PhD Student at Queen Mary University, London.

The idea behind this project was to create a computer game featuring an element of the gameplay controlled by the heart rate of the user. The intention was to develop something that would be both entertaining and potentially informative as an experiment on the effect computer games can have on a person’s physiology.

The game was developed in Processing. I wanted to create something that would be relatively simple in concept but elegant in its functionality. The gameplay is inspired by the cyclic and rhythmic nature of the heart, with each heart beat expressed as a small blob which emerges from the centre of the screen. The blobs progress towards the edge of the screen at fixed angles in a cyclic manner. The aim of the game is for the user to ‘catch’ the blobs in a wheel of circles which they can control by pedalling the exercise bike. The design is such that the speed at which the player has to pedal is directly proportional to their heart rate.

Therefore the faster the person’s heart beats, the faster they will have to pedal, making their heart rate rise, meaning they have to pedal faster, meaning their heart rate will rise…..

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