Sibling conflict boils over on an allotment community in South Wales but a petty Tool Thief may prove that blood is thicker than water.

A heart warming, light-hearted drama starring Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf) and Brendan Charleson (Green Street, Torchwood)

AMMENDS 05-04-11

Since the film's 'completion' in March 2008 I have since revisited the project in 2011. Conformed in at full 1080p25 the film has now been onlined and graded by myself on Media Composer 5.5. The file you are viewing here is an SD down convert of that online.


"I think 'Tool Thieves' is very well edited and is a straightforward story well told - always important."
(John Wilson. A.C.E Billy Elliot, The History Boys)

"[The Tool Thieves] is an extremely confident film with vey polished performances, cinematography and script. This is the most tele-visual of the short list and the maturity of the film carries the day for me."
Wyndham Price (Abraham's point)

The Tool Thieves has been enjoying its successes at the following:

Skillset Screen Academy Wales best of 2007-2009 DVD

Royal Television Society Award for Student Film (Nominee)

Runner-up: Ffresh Film Festival 2009

FIPA International showcase, Biaritz Fance 2009

Salford Film Festival 2008

Skillset 'Best of 2008' showcase

Screen acadamy Wales 'Finest Films Festival' Runner- up

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