Duration: 1 hour
Created: 2011

Gameshow focuses on desire, seduction and manipulation.

Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner invite you to watch and pass judgment, as contestants test their luck against the big man J.O.Z, the personification of excess itself.

A show packed full of physical movement, fearless dancing and athletics, with prizes, power, money, fame, celebrity and a cult following, up for grabs, or at the very least a new pair of trainers. Missen and Turner ask what needs to be sacrificed in order to win big.

Performance & Choreography: Anthony Missen & Kevin Edward Turner
Music: Original Composition by Dieb13
Lighting Design: Adam Carree
Costume: Fabrice Serafino
Set Design: Signe Beckmann
Video Artist: Mat Johns
Dramaturg: Andrew Loretto

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