Tom Merrigan is a part time piano mover in addition to his role as architect, father and musician.

"Putting the piano in a plaza or on a sidewalk kind of creates a focus where there wasn’t one before," said Merrigan of his brainchild the Durham Piano Project, "It makes for little rooms and little stages and little audiences in the city...and if people don’t like it and they keep walking then you just keep playing."

Merrigan's idea to make his instrument mobile was met with a great deal of enthusiasm. In the summer of 2011 he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the purchase of a new-to-him piano and the rig to cart it around. The pledges of support more than doubled his modest asking amount.

To track down Tom and his piano follow him on Twitter @DurhamPiano or like the Durham Street Piano Project Facebook page.

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