This is a short vid of a GoPro pole cam session that filled my time the other day, waiting for the snow to come back!

Bellingham TOWNY Chronicles #1 will be a Blog post to fill the void in between snowy days. I hope I don't have to make any more of these, I WANT TO SHRED POW!

TOP 11 Reasons Why Skateboarding IS for Skiers

2.groovy pavement pow
3.going sideways ain't all that bad...(kinda like slalom waterskiing)
4.footwork...spiny, pillow, tech... footwork
5.CRASHING SUCKS! You either die, brake something, or lose some skin.
6.Hand positioning (working on the chi) mid board slide!
7.It's FREE! (relatively after the $50-$100 set-up) depends on giverness and how much you like hiking hills/park.
8.Highschool girls think you are RAD / or homeless either way its a win/win for a ski bum.
9. Best thing to do when it isn't snowing to stay sane. STUCK IN HIGH PRESSURE PNW Drought.
10.Because 30 year olds shouldn't be ditching responsibilities for skateboarding! hahah.
11.Sage does it.

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