Twilight Vision 007: World/Inferno Friendship Society

Host: Evan

Produced, Filmed & Edited by: Kevin Rankin
Add. Camera: Evan Kleinman, Jordana Lewinter
Add. Sound: Jim Norton

Producer's Notes:
When I was introduced to the World/Inferno some years back, much about them was shrouded in mystery. They were not a band, but a cult. Their shows were not shows, they were rituals. Their music was not typical of any genre, but the spirit of punk rock was apparent more than any other band I had ever seen before. Most everything about them us unpredictable and utterly unique and they quickly became on of my favorite bands. It was an honor to sit down with them for Twilight Vision and I think it's safe to say that this is so far, my favorite episode of the series thus far.

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