Our living sea. My best wildlife encounters in The North Sea (2011). Jumping dolphins, hunting killer whales, seals and gannets who do some spectacular diving in front of my camera.

The North Sea is a unique and productive ecosystem, one of the world's richest fishing grounds. Ecosystems like the North sea provide us goods and services like oxygen, food, climate regulation, nutrient cycling, biodiversity, pharmaceuticals and recreation.

Filmed on locations in the North Sea.
Equipment used: panasonic GH2
Lenses: olympus zuiko 9-18, 12-60, 35-100/2.0 150/2.0, 300/2.8 and both EC converters.
Underwater shots: gopro hero.

The close ups of the gannets are made with GH2 + 300/2.8 + EC2.0 converter. The dolphin shots are made with GH2 + 150/2.0 and sometimes the 1.4 converter.

Music: James Newton Howard - be with you

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