threeASFOUR presents :


threeASFOUR uses Shesh Besh as a matchmaker to unite the Jewish and Arab cultures ..... as one
Shesh Besh is an ancient board game , an all time favorite in the middle east .

This film is part of the project-collection inSALAAM inSHALOM which had its debut in New York in September and now on tour in the middle east , currently at Beit Hai'r museum in Tel Aviv .


BY : threeASFOUR


Francesca Tedeschi

Maria Masha Durruthy

Conceived & produced by : threeASFOUR

Executive Producer : Haya Maraka

Directed by : Maja Bergstrom

Animation & Editing : SID

Director of Photography: Richard and Eric Spang

Production Management : Mickey Heffernan, Mike Anderson at Neighborhood Watch Films

Music & Sound Design : Evnita Kapoor Karlsson/Njama Music

Musicians: Martin Holm, Gustaf Sörnmo, Ninos Wrada

Styling : Guillume Boulez

Hair : Pasquale Ferrante

Makeup : Andrea Helgadottir

Make up assistant : I'sak Freyr Heligason

Special thanks: Jessica Mitrani , Mayada Abueideh , Louise Leconte , Tamara Weber , Sienna Shelds , Jhon Sanchez and Dune Studios

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