Gary Foster is a Hollywood film producer with an extensive filmography, including the 1993 classic ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and, more recently, the acclaimed 2009 movie ‘The Soloist’.

In this exclusive video recorded for the World Health Organization on Human Rights Day 2011, Gary shares how making ‘The Soloist’ — based on the real-life story of Nathaniel Ayers, a cello prodigy with a mental health condition who became homeless in Los Angeles — created a strong motivation in him to promote mental health and human rights.

Gary talks about his strong support for WHO QualityRights, a comprehensive new project designed to improve the quality of care and human rights conditions in mental health and social care services around the world. QualityRights also empowers people with mental health conditions to advocate for their rights and influence national mental health reform efforts.

He says, “I’m thrilled to be involved, I’m thrilled to do whatever I can … to bring to the world the message that we must care about mental health, we must care about the most vulnerable in our society, we must get rid of stigma — we must do everything we can.”

For more information about WHO QualityRights, please visit

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