RX the Pharm Tech & Dj Taebo Manuhs - Words Rule the World @ the Bayou Cajun Grill (EPTX) 10-29-2011 for the Hip Hop Halloween Costume Bash!!! Shouts out to Changzilla for the camera work!!


see I'm trying to dissect the directions of this dialect/
So I'm logging in the dialog the sun seems to be dialing/
Diagnosing these agnostics with my diatonic diagrams/
And converting with my concerts & the concepts in my diaphragm/
Cuz I've decided to decode all these decades of debate/
To realign what's real so relax & maybe relate/
So I can relay the replay with some reverb & delay/
Some verses & a DJ reversing the decay (DK)/
A choir in the chorus & some chords (cords) right at the core/
Acquired from the story that is stored inside the storm/
You see the words within these tones are like a sword inside a stone/
Sworn to fine tune your files with the force of fire in this micro fone/
So journey thru my journals & visit all my visions/
Listen to the list of verbs coming thru my verbal mission/
Pause to examine the samples & all the examples I promote/
Then apply all your applause to the apple in my throat/
An appliance for alliance spreading seeds like a disease/
In defiance of the headings that need to be deceased/
Cuz I'm not happy with what happens when authority's in the authors/
And I resent the presentation of laughter in the slaughter/
So the audience of audio must keep auditioning this oddness/
Converging into conversations about subjects & objects/
Conveying conservation & protecting the project/
So detect defective logic & start progressing the process/

[Let me massage you with these messages 3x]

cuz words rule all the roles in the world

The art that you hear is the heart of the Earth/
Healing all our heads with what our ears have heard/
So heal your head with what you hear (3x)/
Cuz words rule all the roles in the world/

See the weight of our ways is way heavier than heavens/
Even more clever than them several sevens & elevens/
Where the chains of chance can charge or change a man/
But see I've chose to chase something other than that plain plan so/
Follow the flow of the moments inside this movement/
see the skill in my skull while I improvise improvements/
From within my laboratory where I form this elaborate labor/
Liberating with literature that'll never be obliterated later/
Cuz I demonstrate with my demos how to demolish all the demons/
Keep a positive position while depositing the dream in/
Let this music be a muse & a muscle for amusement/
You can study my studio from the stadium like a student/
All these weird words & contemporary tempos/
From these instrumentals echo in between your mental temples/
Rhyming over rhythms while the clock clicks & tick tocks/
So now you know why we all call this shit HIP HOP/

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