★★★Amazing Beauty ★★★Amazing Story ★★★Amazing Experience
• We present only the most beautiful and handsome animals from Africa to your children!
• Each animal will entertain your children with their unique and attractive talents.

• We present the Amazing Zoo, where the most special animals in the world live together.
• The special animals of Amazing Zoo have unique talents to draw pictures and play music with children.
• Come and visit the Amazing Zoo, a place full of fun and excitement, catching the eyes and hearts of children.
• Present a special and unique experience to your children, which is only available at Amazing Zoo.

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★★★About AmazingZoo★★★

“Amazing Zoo” was created to give children the experience of visiting a zoological garden. Think about how a child would talk to animals! That is how the EXP BOOK figured out this magnificent storyline of the “Amazing Zoo”. Fluency in communication will come true through the “Amazing Zoo” as our young readers learn how animals talk not only by their sounds, but also by their gestures. Children can also develop inner environmental awareness by watching realistic images from the “Amazing Zoo”.

All the animal graphic characteristics of the “Amazing Zoo” came from the real wild life. Through long and dedicated research, EXP BOOK has generated visually attractive natural environments for young readers like you. Here are living creatures from all over the world waiting for you on the screen! Who would be the most curious being among the living creatures on Earth? That would be definitely a child of human beings. Wildlife is ready to play with you! Through EXP BOOK your multi-dimensional enrichment projects can be achieved. “Amazing Zoo” provides young readers with rich and wonderful experiences with Mother Nature.

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