"T R A C C E - I N"

"Tracce-in" - to leave behind a trace, to cover it up, to lose it
People want to leave their own trace behind, one having different aspects
"Tracce-in" is a search carried out by dancers for the originality of the individual and his forms of expression.
Four members of the dance company Gervasi meet six new dancers and start a process of change.
The interplay of mutually familiar and newly selected actors forms the dynamic crux of this project. The convergence of various characters and their individual, distinctive language of movement creates an exciting microcosm, in which a sensitive communication takes place at various levels.A concrete choreographic structure develops during the interplay of the entire ensemble. The traces of the individuals do not disappear in the process but a new common trace emerges.

Concept and direction of choreography: Elio Gervasi

Dance and choreography:
Magdalena Jankowska, Kyra Chlebowski, Leonie Wahl,
Salvatore La Ferla, Yukie Koji, Selenia Delfino, Elio Gervasi,
Patric Redl, Paula Aradia Reyes, Anna Schumacher, Sara Canini
Stage design: Ricardo Cosendey
Light: Markus Schwarz
Music / composition: Albert Castello

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