Work in progress. This is sound analysis in real time , no "Live Midi" controls.

Kareokub is a real-time audio-visual interactive installation. Hang a picture of a square in your living room and see it getting alive on the music.

The 3D volume is made in Maya (by Shoaz) and moves on the painting on the rhythm of the music, here Ongyikos Vasarnap from Venetian Snares. All as been controled and mapped on Modul8 (by Realmyop).

The sound analysis is made by a homemade software called "Mysteryy" programmed by D-Phaz.
(on a macbook pro 2,33 ghz it's only using 3 to 4 % of cpu)

Size of the installation: 60cm by 60cm excluding the projector.

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