This project was inspired by the MontBlanc One Second campaign.

As I worked to create a few entries for the contest, none of which turned out that great, I began to realize how significant a story there is in a single second. That's all it takes to show a moment of significance in our lives. I think we all try to live outside of that. We could use the reminder that life doesn't happen in minutes, or days, or years. It's lived in seconds.

This was one of the most enjoyable projects of interest I've created. Going through our old videos and choosing which seconds to include became an exercise in sifting through forgotten treasures. I'd recommend you all do it. Choose a topic, choose your seconds, and then tell a story.

Feel free to share here.

Also, I'd encourage you to follow along the MontBlanc project. And watch what some others have done with seconds. There are great stories to be told in these instances. Or moments as "Everynone" calls them.

Music: "Ara Batur" by Sigur Ros.

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