Developed by Ian Clemmer and Ole Lemming

Quantum Force allows you to affect the fluid simulation through force fields that you create with particles or objects. Quantum Force allows precise force field sculpting with or without the use of grid cells that can store the velocities and allow the use of decay. The cells can "remember" the previous velocities, and interpolates between old and incoming new ones.

Quantum Force allows you to accelerate, push, pull, attract, heat and filter fluids with other objects and particles.

Rigid Body Dynamics support added next year.

Filter allows completely new event programming, not by generic parameters such as age or velocity, but by particle and object positions.

Tutorial #01:

Tutorial #02:

Become the force field master and sculpt your fluids in never before seen ways.

Perfect Addition for the Motion Designer and Visual FX Artist and Studio looking to take their Realflow experience to the next level.

Combine with Superflow Elements Particle Systems for beautiful motion that can drive the fluids...

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Intro Sound from Box of Toys Audio from the unofficial Pause Fest Animation

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