suburban housewives-in-training make mitarashi dango with sweet soy sauce!

3.5 oz of rice flour
3.5 oz of silken tofu

sweet soy sauce:
1 tbsp of mirin
1 tbsp of sugar
1 tbsp of soy sauce

place rice flour and silken tofu in bowl; mix together by hand. if too sticky, add a small amount of water until it is the consistency of your earlobe. shape into a small cylinder and break into thirds; proceed to break each third into thirds again, and again. roll each piece into a small ball, twenty five in all.

fill a pot with water until 3/4th's full and bring to a boil. place the dango into the water for one to two minutes until they rise to the surface. when each rises, quickly place into a bowl of ice water. spoon out, drain and slide onto wet bamboo skewers. drizzle sweet soy sauce onto dango and serve immediately.

sweet soy sauce:
put mirin, sugar and soy sauce into a pan on medium heat. stir and stir until it is saucy and thick. be careful not to burn.

and voila!

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