This isn't really a great video but more of a test of Final Cut Pro X on a Macbook Air, and all I can say is I was blown away on how easy and fast it was.

Background - bought a 11" i7 256GB MBA for my trips to Africa mainly to processes and store images from my Canon 7D. I thought I would throw FCPX on just to see any video I take, not thinking I would be able to edit, how wrong I was.

I had been through the tutorials at to refresh myself and started editing at about 10pm. By 12:30 the video was done and rendering for an export to Vimeo - which took 8 minutes. Now I am used to the iMac which would normally take an hour or so.

I am truly amazed at both how easy FCPX is to use on an 11" screen and how fast it is - and that is despite having the video files on a scratch disk using USB2.

If you want to see my Africa adventures you can find me at

All the videos were shot, badly, on a Canon IXUS 100. It's not a bad camera just that it only has a 3x zoom the rest of the zoom is digital and this makes for some poor zoom images. The giraffe shot has been stabilised as was the rhino otherwise the remaining videos are as is.

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