For my recorded video, I chose to explore the idea of conflict between the human mind and nature. I cover the ideas of worship, admiration and destruction.
By making my actress faceless, I’m attempting to show mankind as a whole instead of a singular mind or body. Not only is it symbolic, it also adds an eery feeling to my film.
0:42 seconds into my short film, is my favourite shot. My actress is stood in the centre of a full body shot in a shrubbery bed, with the city in the background. I felt this shot was particularly special as it was combining two opposites and exploiting them to the audience.
The shot at 0:50 is pretty shakey, and the zoom in focuses on a different area to what I was aiming for, but despite this I felt the shaking camera added to the distortion in the film and enhancing the creepy feeling I was glad to acheive.
To conclude, I was impressed and proud of my finished project, it took two days to film. Half of it in my home town, the other half in the nearest city. Many thanks to my actress, and a few of my friends that threw in suggestions for camera shots. I appreciate your help.

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