Join LocoSkates, the UK's most notorious skate team, plus friends, on the 2011 LoveScotland Tour. Don't miss out on Erik Bailey grinding shit, Nick Lomax jumping off shit, Joe Atkinson falling into shit and a bunch of sick guys not really giving a shit.

Featuring the talents of Nick Lomax, Elliot Stevens, Leon Humphries, Dan Ives, Joe Atkinson, Sam Tuffnell, Dan Collins and special guests Chaz Sands & Erik Bailey.

Filmed by Ed Inglis, Adam Kola, Chaz Sands, Jake Eley, Sim Warren and Sam Tuffnell.

Directed and Edited by Ed Inglis

Only available from Buy the full DVD here:

Music: PiR2 - Clint Mansell - Pi soundtrack.
No copyright infringement intended.

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