The Lunatik EP by Distrakt is hard, dark and grimey. A perfect soundtrack for your lonesome drug fueled Chistmas days.
The official Release date is December 24th 2011.

“A person affected by lunacy; an insane person, esp. one who has lucid intervals; a madman; a person of unsound mind.” This describes the mood for the EP perfectly, as it feels like an EP made for the Insane. The dark glitches, bouncy bass, distorted acid, organized chaos and grimey tekno all fit together and make this theme EP a full on space travel experience for any common madman.

Feed back

SHAMEBOY: "I love the new Distrakt's style!! Big big fan, distorted but still with loads of style :) I really love Tarantula Nebula, will play that one for sure!"

MODEK : Distrakt at his best! Crazy as fuck!

KEITH SUPABEATZ : I like tarantula nebula and pistol star

PUMP THE NOISE : R136 cluster is definitely a KILLER track

HENZEL EN DISCO : Pistol star: its an awesome track! Nice work

ACIDROID : new ep is sick!!!

CLASH THE DISCO KIDS : lunatik ep promo is bad ass.

BEATBOUNCERS : What I like about Distrakt is that he never makes the same sound twice, every track is completely different, & I'm definately gonna play Tarantula and 136 :) !

DUNJINZ : TARANTULA NEBULA IS SOOOOO EXCELLENT! will def play it! I also really like cluster and 22,000 light years! will def. support!!!

WARRIOR BROS : It sound so fresh , we're particulary in love with pistol star . The vocs are just great!! Another new Basserk Bomb!

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