Here is a snippet featuring the the moon setting on the day of the lunar eclipse (December 10, 2011) from my upcoming video. Exported at 1080p, can go up to 4K if someone happens to have a monitor or projector large enough to display it!

This video almost didn't happen.
My original plan was to shoot this from Steptoe Butte in Washington, but when fog and increasing clouds were forecast, I knew a new location was needed.

I searched for anything within about a 6 hour drive time where clear skies were forecast. That search took me all the way to Cascade County, Montana, near Simms. Crown Butte or Square Butte where the two I had narrowed it down to and after talking to the BLM on the phone, Crown Butte was the choice.

I had planned on scaling Crown Butte in the dark to get a high perspective. That ended up being a mistake that cost me a few sore ankles from scrambling around on the talus underneath the butte. I abandoned that plan and took a side road that gave me a high enough perspective to shoot what I had wanted.

This shot isn't as perfect as I would like due to 40mph constant winds and a few mid-sequence adjustments to ISO, but overall I'm happy with the result. I used the 70-200 2.8 at about 135mm at f/4.0 starting at ISO 1000 and ending the sequence at ISO 320. To prevent the moon blurring, I kept the maximum exposure no more than 0.6 seconds long, which was right on the razors edge with how strong that wind was out there.

I processed each individual frame roughly in Adobe Lightroom to include smooth transitions between the ISO steps, then made finer adjustments to color and contrast for each frame using Nik Software's Viveza 2. The files were then imported into Adobe After Effects as a TIF sequence and then exported it out from there.

The music is "Scorpio" from

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