These video is a fast Grading exercise with the original Shots provided by Nino Leitner ( and Mario Feil ( from his wonderful video "13:59" that you can see here:

Nino and Mario provided for all of us three shots original from the C300 that I downloaded it and play with it in Premiere CS5.

I use Magic Bullet for grading, choosing presets that want to see how affect the final image. NOT a real grading, only a fast choose, so black chruseds and something will be wrong.

In the last shot, I have added NEAT VIDEO to clean all the noise. The resulting image is really wonderful!

You can download the 1.5GB size H264 file soon, to see the fine quality of this camera.

BUT to see the really good quality you need to see it in Digital Cinema and I make a DCP that you can Download soon to test it if you have the oppotunity!.

Check out the post on the blog of Nino for more updates and info about this film:

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