After creating my short time-lapse previously, finally I’m done with my initial time-lapse journey – through Dubai, my city and my home for the past 7 years.

I’ve always been keen to explore new ways of photography, armed with my inspiration from many breathtaking time-lapse videos I’ve seen over the web, I decided to do my own project. This time around, it took me 4,099 frames to finally finish this plan. All images were taken using my Canon 500D, shutter totally abused because of this project :), coupled with Canon 24-70 and Sigma 10-20 lenses. Doing time-lapse really requires some effort and patience, as you have to endure hours of time outside just to take photos (a lot of photos), and since clouds are rarely seen in the UAE, as most of the year skies are normally dull here, I literary chased the clouds during the making of this project lol! At least, I was able to rely on Yahoo Weather (via iPhone) for the accurate weather forecast.

Please watch this in full resolution HD.


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