Phases shifts between isorhythm and interference. Five images moving identically, five loud "tickings", move perfectly synchronized, in the briefest of time fragments.
The rhythm is repeated and persists in this isorhythm until the interference created by the movement of the public.

The internal rhythm of each video/action is modified almost imperceptibly according to the visitor's proximity, accelerating and decelerating in proportion to the distance from the monitor. In this way the initial isorhythm evolves with the intervention of the visitors towards a general confusion of a visual and auditory elements, which shift along the time scale, giving rise to variable complexity of rhythm.

The system's central brain, which controls all the elements like the conductor of an orchestra, also determines the simultaneous change to a new group of images on all the monitors, annulling the confusion produced and returning to the initial state of isorhythm.

What the visitor discovers in breathing the original isorhythm, can evolve towards a game played with rhythm, in which the body is used as an instrument to determine the courses of event.

concept and development
Danio Catanuto, Stefano Scarani

video choreography and voice
Cristina Bartolome' Martinez

motion capture system
Daniele Suffritti

project coordination
Dalila Sena

AGON, 2005

Phases is based on Cycling 74's Max/MSP and Jitter

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