I took my girls to a skating rink in Boulder yesterday for a birthday party and when we got there, there was a short feature film being shot at the skating rink.

I asked one of the crew what the project was and he said it was a short feature called Delirium, he said it was a psychological thriller that takes place mostly in Europe.

They were using a RED camera, I don't know anything about that line of cameras but it looked like the Epic.

I was amazed how uncomfortable the DP because her neck looked so uncomfortable. I guessing they rented the camera and didn't know how to outfit it properly.

The main actor looked a little like Zac Efron, but my wife watched this footage and said it wasn't.

Boy she seemed really uncomfortable with the camera.

I looked at the monitor feed, and the footage coming off the RED look very nice. The natural light looked good at 4:30pm in the afternoon.

I was amazed how fast they kept moving around the rink, it seemed very unscripted, like they were mostly trying to get B-roll. The director would yell out where they should be.

"Director Kunz" was on the clapper board, but I could find anything about him online.

Must be a small film, not worried about getting model releases for all the people in the video (extras).

Really wish I had a 70-200mm 2.8

Boulder is not really known as a hot bed for film making, so it was fun running in to this production.

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