The Qoya Movement Ritual Expanding Your Ability to Receive is best done when you feel full from life (in a good way), overwhelmed (in a challenging way), confused, stressed or just hungry for more that life has to offer. After 20 minutes of moving your body in an authentic and pleasurable way you are creating the possibility to reconnect to your true self and remember that you are wise, wild and free and embrace all the blessings and challenges on your path with a renewed enthusiasm, confidence in yourself and trust in the universe.

This Qoya movement ritual to Expand your ability to receive is designed to:
Increase circulation of blood, oxygen and ENERGY! Warm-up gently by looking to locate the way in which it feels good to move your body. Through conscious movement, you start to think, judge and analyze less, so you can feel more. Feeling brings you into the present moment which is where your power is.
Shaking in the second song is one of the most easy and effective transformational tools to release any stagnant energy that is no longer serving you and reclaim your zing, tap back into your essence. From that place of being connected to source/light/spirit/love/choose your own name for the unnameable here...that is the place from which you can receive more!
The third song, the shaman dance, is an opportunity to dive into the deeper wisdom that can emerge once you are opened by movement. Going back and forth between dancing the story of your life right now, the blessings and the challenges, with dancing the role of shaman/healer/priestess who is limitless in their knowledge, power and access to spirit, you allow an opportunity for deep healing, insight and clarity to emerge.
The final song for stretching is the most important and most overlooked for many of us, because it asks us to slow down. As you stretch, remember it doesn't matter how deep you go, you just want to open up from wherever you are and breath deeply. At the end of this movement ritual, take at least a couple deep breaths and maybe even a couple minutes to just rest and integrate all the benefits from this movement ritual.
*The idea of expanding your ability to receive was first introduced to me by Regena Thomashauer, the author and creator of a school in New York City called Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts where she teaches women how to use the power of pleasure to have their way with the world. To me, her work is a reclamation of the divine feminine, a practical how-to live in a patriarchal society as a empowered and joyful woman and most importantly her work instills a value of community amongst women where they come together to support one another in the pursuit of each woman's deepest desires. I am forever grateful to her work which has influenced my personal life and also with the creation and success of Qoya.

Another inspiration on this topic is Esther and Jerry Hicks with their book, Ask and It Is Given which is the bible of Law of Attraction based on the idea that your ability to manifest or receive is based on the amount that you are allowing into your life. The underlying belief is that goodness, love, light is always trying to find it's way to you, but you have to let it in.

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