Wolfram is an interactive light installation made by TS Collective, as a part of Platform4’s “In A Box” programme.
The installation consists of 70 lightbulbs, set up in a 7x10 grid, where each bulb individually responds to motion.
Every lightbulb is connected to a infrared sensor, a relay, and electronics assembled on a printboard that is designed and crafted specifically for the installation.
The electronics is made with optional expansion in mind, - it can easily be upgraded with microcontrollers (f.ex. Arduino), which allows computer control for playing with sensor input / light output.
A 12V car battery supplies the installation with power, and it is fully “plug and play”; it’s mounted, connected to power, and then it just works :)
Wolfram is a contribution to the Platform4 project "In a Box": platform4.dk/node/241


Wolfram won the People's Choice Award at the Platform4 Award 2011. platform4.dk/node/248
Thanks to all the people that voted on Wolfram.
Jury comments: Great to see how well this project works in practice. People passing through space, play intuitively with the installation. Simple and aesthetically complete.
The winner of the People’s Choice Award was found through sms-voting at the exhibition.

About the Video

The video was recorded at the vernissage for the first exhibition for the Platform4 project "In a Box" at Platform4.

The sound is on location and a product of sound interaction between the noise made from the individual relay controlling the fade interval of the light bulb and the installation "Sphere" made by Kristian Ross.
The installation Sphere interceptes and reproduces sound through a modeling of the Earth "Reverb," which is based on seismic measurements of Earth's subsonic reverberations from a giant earthquake in Bolivia in 1994.
You can see it here: vimeo.com/31424827


Installation made by:
Alex Birklykke
Martin Lynge
Yngve Stensaker

Camera and editing by:
Jan Detlefsen

Thanks to:
HAL9K hal9k.dk/
Platform4 platform4.dk/
Kristian Ross for placing his awesome sound installation "Sphere " right next to Wolfram. We love it!

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