A fictitious CGI skate shop in a skate park.

Comments and criticisms are very welcome.

Team Credits:
Shop Modelling - David Cattermole
Shop UVs - Merinda Du Plessis, David Cattermole
Shop Texturing - Merinda Du Plessis
Bin & Bench Modelling - Skye Jones
Bin & Bench UVs - Skye Jones
Bin & Bench Texturing - Skye Jones
Camera Solve - David Cattermole
Shading, Lighting & Rendering - David Cattermole
Compositing - Skye Jones, David Cattermole
Camera Operator - Larry Keig

Software Used:
Autodesk Maya
Mental Images Mental Ray
The Foundry NukeX
Vicon Boujou
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects

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