Excerpt from looped “video
wallpaper” intended to function
like a fireplace or fish tank video.
Woman shot from the waist down
pivots hips while wearing a merkin
(pubic wig) made from clover.
In using the device of a Victorian
pubic wig, I hoped, mirror the fuzzy
lexicon of post-feminist culture
while giving it a pre-women’s
movement historical reference
point. A personal reconciling and
homage to prevalent body art
imagery of the late 1960’s to 1980’s.
Clover Merkin cross references
imagery of the women’s movement
with popular cultural currents like
teletubbies, sex in the city, brazillian
waxes, internet dating videos, and
overall, a kind of simple joy and
and dumb luck. This video has been screened at Mirror Gallery, London College of Printmaking, London, UK, and the Big Screen Project above 6th Avenue, NY, NY

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