Las Piratas (3:35) ~ directed by Hso Hkam, created by Tracy Joy, director of photography Mauricio "momo" Lizarzaburu, additional footage by Sonny Sai Long, Music by Karl Leiker, executive producers: John Eraklis & Jonathan Miller. nickle & dime production © 2012.
LAS PIRATAS - JULIO and JUAN are kicking back on their boat when they get attacked by the ruthless killer SOMALI PIRATES. But Julio and Juan, trained by years on the streets, fight back hard. It’s a wicked battle at sea, and the Somali Pirates don’t even know what hit them. They picked the wrong boat to attack, and this will be their last day on Earth.

episode1 - Pachuco Puppets - House of Flying Ese vs Veto (2:55) -
episode2 - Pachuco Puppets - Las Piratas (3:34) -
episode3 - Pachuco Puppets - Get Smart (1:29) -
episode5 - Pachuco Puppets - Pull My Finger (1:25) -
episode4 - Pachuco Puppets - Sucker Bet (4:00) -

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