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Nº 1
Christina Vantzou, 2011. 47 min. Belgium.

Spectacle Theater and Kranky Records are proud to present the world premiere of artist Christina Vantzou's new film Nº 1 - a full-length visual accompaniment piece to her album released in 2011 of the same name.

Composed from original 16mm footage, animation, and found materials, Vantzou creates a moving, hypnotic dance of light and color akin to the cinematic sweep of the album. Effectively channeling experimental film titans Stan Brakhage, Maya Deren and John Whitney while also pushing the sound/image relationship into new, uncharted arenas, Nº 1 is an enveloping, rapturous work pulsating with life.

Both screenings will be introduced by Ms. Vantzou, and will be preceded by Mark Leckey's infamous short film Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore- an inspiration point for Nº 1.

"The film Nº 1 is not so much a music album as a synesthetic experience- no surprise coming from Vantzou who began her career as a visual artist, illustrator, animator and video artist.  Her compositions have an uncanny ability to evoke images, and listening to the album alone is a truly visual 47-minute trip. 

What becomes more and more ambiguous when watching Nº 1 is if the music has been composed as a soundtrack for the originally composed images, or if the images have inspired a musical composition.  The hierarchical relationship between image and sound which we've grown accustomed to from music videos and cinema is flipped upside down and ultimately erased, to produce a cohesive, synesthetic experience.  

Nº 1 is one of those rare music projects, whose composition is visual as much as it is aural, whose sound and images are both integral and autonomous, and watching the film gives the listener vast insight into the invisible world of this impressive first album."
-Andros Zins-Browne, Choreographer, Brussels

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